"This fictional story would suit readers that like to experience a good laugh as they read a more serious subject matter."

— Review Tales by Jeyran Main

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"The most rootin’ tootin’ shoot ’em up about accountants you’ve ever seen"

— The Irresponsible Reader

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"If you love a good mystery, well crafted story and characters that jump off the pages this book is a must read."

— H. Wimmer from "Book Him Dano!"

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"The book draws you in form the very beginning and I loved all the shocking twists and suspenseful turns in the story."

— Michelle from "Books on the Book Shelf"

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"This crazy stew of the A-Team meets the Expendables meets Archer will surely appeal to readers who like their murder mysteries on steroids."

— It's All About The Book

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"Pleasingly complex."  "An engaging mystery that offers plenty of potential for a planned series."

— Kirkus Reviews

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"If you are a Tom Clancy fan, you will most likely love this. So much fun!"

— Pople Backyard Farm

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"The first in a series, DEATH AND TAXES takes readers on a roller coaster ride of gripping suspense combined with hilarious moments of camaraderie and deep caring."

— Silver’s Reviews

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"Mix one badass IRS agent with a gang of murderous Mongolian drug traffickers.  Add an assortment of quirky but lovable characters, and you’ve got the makings of a gripping thriller, aptly titled DEATH AND TAXES."

— Storybook Reviews

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“Filled with humor, antics, hijinks and surprises…author Mark Zaslove lets readers know in this unique and unusual way that the IRS ALWAYS GETS THEIR MONEY AND YOU CAN’T HIDE IT!”

— Just Reviews

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"A deftly crafted and thoroughly riveting read from first page to last, author Mark Zaslove demonstrates a genuine flair for narrative driven storytelling and the creation of distinctively memorable characters."

— Midwest Book Review

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"If Mark Zaslove plays his cards right, I think he could be on the level of Lee Child’s extensive Jack Reacher Series, which has been in publication for well over a decade now. I’m excited to find out how many novels Zaslove is going to expand the series into as there’s no definite end in sight. And hopefully the second one isn’t too far behind!"

— Caleb Duffy

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"As a potential first installment of a new story about a new kind of hero, Death and Taxes is promising. Douglas and his Bang Squad will appeal to lovers of Clancy as well as those with a fetish for gumshoes. There’s always room for a fresh political thriller or mystery series, Zaslove has written one many readers will find raucous and compelling."

—Daniel Casey

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Death and Taxes is a fantastic read. Completely captivating. Made me lose track of where I was. It’s the one book I read over and over and over again. In fact, it’s the only book I have. Ever since I was sent inside for one to three on tax fraud, no one in my family comes to visit. My friends don’t know me. I got this book in trade for, well, I won’t say what I had to do for my cellmate, but this book made it all worthwhile. Two thumbs up, and careful while you shower.”

—William Costello, currently incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Complex at Butner, N.C.


“What he said.”

—Lou Abbot, William Costello’s cellmate


“I read this book while waiting to testify against Leona during her court case. I couldn’t put it down. It’s just like the real world, only you don’t get fired after you take the stand.”

—Liz “Drop-The” Baumsky, former housekeeper


“I read this book while waiting to testify against Leona during her court case. I couldn’t put it down. It’s just like the real world, only you don’t get fired after you take the stand.”

—Al Capone’s dog, Lucky


Death and Taxes is utterly outrageous, exciting, a real page-turner. I hope it sells a million. Two million. And then I hope Mr. Zaslove pays his taxes. Lots and lots of taxes. But he better watch his deductions, as we’ll be on top of his returns like ticks on Al Capone’s dog. The writer fudges one line wrong, and we’ll blister him with fines. With interest! Man, I can’t wait for him to file….”

—Randy Klondike, chief auditor at the IRS branch in Bangor, ME